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Expressive Designs In Exclusive Clay Form

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I Hope You Enjoy my Expressive Designs As Much As I Enjoy Designing And Creating My Own Exclusive, All Natural Earth Art. I Really Enjoy Working With Clay And Forming Unique Pottery.  The Satisfaction Of Shaping Our Planets Ancient Clay Into Useful and Beautiful Art Forms That Will last For Millions Of Years. I Sign And date Each Piece In Hope That,  You And Your Family will  Pass My Artwork To Your Children And Then To There Family And friends. Pottery Is A Piece Of Our Planet! My Designs And Colors Are Inspired By Nature. Each Piece Is A Hand  Made, sculpted Or Wheel Thrown One of A Kind. Please Help To Take Care Of Our World And Always Take Time To Admire Natures Natural Gallery All Around U


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Tower Bridge London U.K. 7/16/2012

Solar Landscape Lighting

By Special Order

(pictured are lights wired into my landscape without solar)

Each One Hand Made On The Potters Wheel, glazed w White Stoneware Glaze

Solar Attachments may very based on Availabilty

White only and Aprox 20' tall, usualy sold in pairs.

Buy 1     $80 

Buy 2    @ $140 

Plus Shipping( Average is $32 per set of 2) Free Local Pick Up

Please contact me by email for this special, I except Paypal



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Addition colors by special request, fees aplpy. Contact me for available colors.


I called this piece Neptune's Moon

It was damaged several years ago but always like to look at it. 

Pushing clay to it's limit has always been fun for me.   The spikes didn't last long but it was a great looking piece of art


In Ancient times when sea going ships criss crossed the oceans, transporting the worlds treasures. Many of the vessels did not make it to there destinations. Torn apart by huge storms that come from now were. Pirates and vikings attacking the worlds treasure ships with fury. Pottery filled with precious spices, oils and other rare commodities were on their way as ordered by the kings and monarchs of the time.

As these beautiful ships where ripped apart, most of the pottery sank to the bottom of the ocean. Unable to be saved, the oceans begun to take back this earthen ware. Slowly crustaceans, corals and other sea amenities begun to entomb the pottery.

Many treasure hunters of the world today, are now able to exhume these newly created art forms from their watery graves. Magazine articles and press releases all over the globe are broadcasting the news.

I being a potter that I am and coming across one of the articles while waiting at my dentist office was instantly inspired. A fan of mixed media in the art of pottery. I was able to mix hand thrown pottery and sculpting into one art form and reproduce these ancient potteries recovered from the sea floor.

Taking up to three months to create one of these hand build one of a king earth art originals. I find myself absorbed into the world and time of the original potters who worked so hard and gave so much. The sea animals that lived inside and outside these containers over hundreds of years. I wonder at the power of nature and her efforts to keep things in balance.

I hope that you are still looking at each day with great wonder and not letting a moment pass with out stopping to smell the roses.

Please feel free to comment on my latest adventure and remember these art pieces are in limited numbers and most will be on there way to Gallery Art @830 Key West Florida and hopefully a new home some were in the world.



                                                         $1600. +S&H                                                                     

$650 +S&H #001C


Standing nearly two feet  tall  and weighing over 20 pounds.

This pottery seasculpture took 24 pounds of clay and was fired to 2300 degree takeing eight hours

Covered lightly in white and black glazes and sand to reproduce centuries of sea creatues who called this home

The pottery was thrown in two to three segments and stacked together

taking  weeks to sculped all the pieces and attaching them to the pottery

It took a month for the seasculped to dry

It had to survive three fireings to be here today

( There are more then six more large seasculpts now available)

More coming soon!


$Email For Payment Options/Plans and Shipping Details